Outpatient Claim Automation

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Outpatient Claim Automation

Our technology provides ultimate automation for both cashless and paid-and-claim claim journey.

Cashless Claim Experience

Seamless and Paperless Journey with Uberized Model

Say goodbye to claim form and manual pay and claim process. Insured can enjoy premium doctor and cashless claim service in just 3 simple steps.

Cashless Claim Journey

Our uberized model connects onboard network doctors globally in seconds with transaction security guaranteed by our patented blockchain. Customers and doctors have seamless pay experience via QR codes.

Paid-and-Claim Journey

We eliminate inputs needed by customers whenever possible via API and apply knowledge based OCR to extract and making sense of the data provided by customers and accurately interpret the ICD, CPT, date of consultation and registration no of medical providers for analytics that simply works.

Claim Decision Automation

Instead of taking manual random check, our AI examine each and every claim to identify fraud (eg photo editing), medical abuse and excluded conditions such as maternity benefits and pre-existing conditions so as to avoid paying claim that shouldnt be paid. By managing fraud and abuse and improving administration efficiency, we enable insurers to gain competitive advantage in pricing their cover.

How we're different

We offer real-time medical claim data

Our technology turns all unstructured claim data into structured data through AI. All claim data will feed into insurance companies in real-time without any human intervention and reconciliation. This improve IBNR and lower cash reserves required.
Know your Data

Data speak itself

Our business intelligence module can help to analyze and generate insight to help in govern the service quality of medical provider and also increase the accuracy in the claim decision. No more silo data and unlocking the power of data.

Benefit for Insurers

Our technology is your most reliable claim engine which is working 7x24 with consistence performance and unlimited capacity.

Best customer journey

- Real time payments made possible for customer and medical providers. - Effortless claims process for customers. - Service levels, higher TNPS and RNPS improve renewal rates or facilitate better pricing.

Full Digitization of Workflow

- Medical blockchain backbone digitizes communications with trust among stakeholders ensured. - No paper, batch processing, or reconciliation. - Knowledge based & template-based OCR with automated decision.

No Data Lag

- Lower cash reserves required. - Precise renewal pricing. - IBNR improved by real-time data. - No data entry required.

Reduction in Claim Amount

- Maximize network utilization with more network providers and faster payment possessing and better discount - Reduce fraud and medical abuse

Understand the data

- AI analysis can be in place to generate insight for both underwriting and claim decision - Analytics to predict claim in the next year removing influences from a single member in a group medical schemes

API connectivity

- Data connectivity to medical providers worldwide - Deeply integrated with hospital management systems and clinic management systems for the most seamless experience.

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